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forklift fleet management system -I manage your forklift fleet

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In the face of the high-tech Internet era, it is particularly important to improve the operational efficiency of the forklift fleet and the safety and economy of the forklift. The normative remnants of the former forklift fleet will be completely changed, and the new ones will be replaced. The forklift fleet management system model not only helps enterprises reduce management costs, but also gradually reduces the safety risks of forklifts. Through the statistics of the Internet cloud server, it effectively checks the usage rate of the forklift and improves the existence of the forklift, reducing the cost and managing the transportation route. The forklift fleet management system enables efficient fleet management and also helps forklift fleet managers to control the entire fleet in real time, thus changing the fleet management model.

forklift fleet management system

I. Forklift fleet management system - authorization management mode

The authorized management mode of the forklift is mainly for the driver to regulate the use of forklift and responsibility management. Each forklift driver has its own IC card, which records the driver's personal information and manages the driver's IC card authority. Only the forklift truck with its own IC card can be started to use. It is not possible to open other people's vehicles at will. Even if you want to open it, you can't start the forklift. This mode not only facilitates the unified management of the management personnel, but also avoids the forklift being freely opened by others. Going, reduces the existence of many security risks.


Second, forklift fleet management system - off-position flameout lock mode

In the factory work, there are many forklift drivers who have left in the middle of the journey, but suddenly leave during the middle of the journey. Many times they forget to turn off the fire, which may cause the forklift to be driven away or automatically. This poses a particularly serious safety hazard. When something happens, the off-position flameout mode is adopted, and the set value is set to a time value. Once the time is left, the forklift will automatically turn off. So this is the off-position flameout lock mode in the forklift fleet management system.

Third, forklift fleet management system - real-time monitoring mode

The forklift fleet management system comprehensively controls the entire process of the forklift, and is controlled by the administrator through the aggregation of the forklift data to the cloud server platform. Usually, the forklift driver uses the forklift to make accidental violations or behaviors during the operation. If the forklift is overspeed, the forklift is overweight, the forklift is overcrowded, the forklift collides, etc., the forklift fleet management system will transmit the data to the forklift in real time. The background of the cloud server forms a data report, and the forklift management personnel can implement the monitoring of the forklift every move through the cloud server.

forklift fleet management system

Waytronic Security provides benefits for the forklift fleet of the plant. Your forklift fleet is managed for you, which not only reduces the management cost, but also improves the operating cost and safety factor of the forklift fleet and the efficiency of the employees. The function mode of the forklift fleet management system is not only these, but also includes: battery management, height limit, weight limit, speed limit and other functional modules. Such forklift management benefits, you still do not pay close attention to check?

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