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How to achieve efficient forklift safety management?

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With the advancement of the social economy, the rapid development of the e-commerce industry has also led to the rapid development of the transportation industry. The traditional mode of manual handling of goods has gradually been replaced by machines, and forklifts play a very important role. However, it brings convenience to the enterprise, but also has many drawbacks, such as the speed of the forklift is too fast, over-loading (overweight, super high), vehicle sickness, etc., bringing many forklift management difficult.

Forklift fleet management system

How to manage forklifts efficiently? Waytronic security forklift safety management System gives you the answer.

Is the forklift driving too fast? Forklift fleet management system speed management + speed limit management.

Overspeed management: three-level speed alarm.

Primary speed alarm: flashing lights.

Secondary speed warning: flashing lights, horn alarm sound reminder.

Three-level speed alarm: flashing of the warning light, live voice alarm of the horn, when the three-level speed continues for a long time (set time), the device continues to alarm or force speed limit or stop.

Forklift fleet management system

Speed limit management: driving speed limit strategy, sharp turn speed limit strategy, motor vehicle anti-collision speed limit strategy, fence speed limit strategy, specific area speed limit strategy.

Forklifts are super-loaded (overweight, super high)? Forklift fleet management system limited management + weight management + dynamic and comprehensive management of height and weight.

Height limit management: height forecast / super high warning / roof anti-collision.

Weight management: weighing / overweight alarm / weight limit.

Forklift fleet management system

Dynamic integrated management of height and weight: According to the weight of the cargo and the dynamic limit height, when the system exceeds the safe altitude, the driver will be alerted or immediately restricted.

Forklift vehicles with sickness? Cloud background data statistics, the establishment of forklift files, regular maintenance reminders, vehicle status at a glance.

Forklift fleet management system

Forklifts are now more and more common. It is difficult to manage in place by the traditional management mode. The forklift fleet management system solves your troubles one-stop, realizes efficient management of forklifts, guarantees safety and improves efficiency.

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