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Forklift fleet management system - selection of over 10,000 fleets

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Managing the forklift fleet is full of challenges. There are a lot of irregularities and mistakes in manual operation during the management of the forklift fleet! The development of the forklift fleet management system can help enterprises to standardize the management of forklift fleets, improve management efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of managers. The specific performance is: effectively managing vehicles and assessing the efficiency of drivers, and tracking the operation of each forklift in real time. Improve driver's work efficiency and cargo safety.

forklift fleet management system

The forklift fleet management system is mainly divided into: report statistics, positioning system, driver performance assessment, maintenance and maintenance, authorization management and other functions to meet the different usage scenarios of different teams, help the team to improve work efficiency, reduce vehicle idle rate, and monitor driver work. , intuitive statistics of forklift efficiency.

The main advantages of the forklift fleet management system:

1, report statistics:

Forklift efficiency statistics report: The manager is aware of the idleness and utilization of all forklifts. The cloud platform clearly records the working hours, effective utilization and mileage of each forklift.

Institution/shift efficiency report: the form of graphic report, management of the use of the forklifts of various agencies, shifts, work efficiency at a glance.

forklift fleet management system

Forklift safety management report: Due to the various safety accidents caused by the forklift driver's irregular driving of the vehicle or other reasons, in fact, this directly brings some loss to the company, but through the fleet management system, the manager can view the vehicle and occur. What are the safety incidents, such as: not wearing seat belts, speeding, collisions, etc. Timely processing to reduce the occurrence of security incidents.

2, GPS real-time positioning system: the administrator of the Principality cloud server to view the vehicle position, vehicle status, GPS accurate positioning, can also play back any period of time and any time of this period of time, including: time, location, speed.

forklift fleet management system

3. Driver performance appraisal: Through the background, you can check the working time, violation time statistics and statistical work efficiency of each driver.

4, maintenance and maintenance: When the vehicle is connected to the fleet system, it helps management personnel to understand the normal use of the vehicle in time, when the vehicle is abnormal, timely alarm, regular maintenance reminder.

forklift fleet management system

5. Authorization management: personnel and vehicle authority management. Each employee is equipped with an IC card, and the driver's identity is recognized by the IC card. The authorized vehicle can be activated. The background data manages the information of employees and vehicles, and the responsibility for security incidents comes to people.

forklift fleet management system

If you have been trying to manage your vehicle without such a system, believe me, you have lost a lot. The forklift fleet management system helps you manage all your fleets effectively and keep abreast of every minute of every transport operation. No matter how many cars your fleet has, the system takes care of everything.

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