Do you have such troubles?

Bruise, fall

When an accident occurs, the driver is thrown out because of have no protective measures, resulting in crushing and falls.

collide the person & goods

When driving a forklift, the driver often speeding, causing to collide people & goods in a turning or sudden braking

Forklift overweight

When the weight of goods is higher than the load capacity of the forklift itself, will easy to make the forklift lose balance and occurs accident .

Blocked the sight

the height of goods which load in forklift often exceeds the shelf, it makes driver not know situation on front side ,causing accidents such as collapse of goods during driving.

Forklift collide people

Due to visual blind spots, etc., forklifts and pedestrians often collide

6 Major Products

To Solve Your Forklift Safety Problems

Forklift seat belt alarm

Including seat belts and alarms, no need to purchase seat belts separately, when the driver does not wear a seat belt, a voice alarm will remind drivers

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Forklift overspeed, speed limit alarm system

Real-time display of forklift speed, overspeed sound and light reminder, automatic speed limit when forklift overspeed, including all functions of forklift overspeed alarm.

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Forklift overweight alarm

Weight display, overweight audible and visual alarm; can bespoke overweight lock function; reduce forklift overload accidents ,extend forklift life

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Forklift over height alarm

Height forecast,over height alarm, roof collision avoidance;

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Pedestrian collision avoidance alert system

Real-time detect, ,when pedestrian enter detect area of system ,it will announce audible and visual alarm to alert driver and pedestrian

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Forklift light

Eye-catching warning pedestrians

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Powerful features to meet your forklift safety needs

Safety reminder Over speed warning Automatic speed limit Overload warning Over height warning collision avoidance warning

01 Seat belt alarm

When the vehicle is turned on, the system detects that the forklift driver is not wearing a seat belt and will continue to alarm until the driver fastens the seat belt

02 Over speed alarm

Flashing lights

Audible alarm reminder

Warning driver and pedestrian

03 Automatic speed limit

● Driving speed limit strategy

● Sharp turning speed limit strategy

● collision avoidance speed limit strategy

● Fence speed limit strategy

● Specific area speed limit strategy

04 Overweight warning

When forklift over load ,device will announcer audible and visual alarm ,also can bespoke over load lock function,.

05 Height forecast,over height alarm, roof collision avoidance;

When the forklift cargo is overweight and overweight, the memory has a forward tilt or rollover accident, which threatens the safety of personnel, vehicles and goods.

06 Collision avoidance warning

Prompt area: When the vehicle or pedestrian enters the prompt area, an audible and visual prompt is given.

Warning area: When a vehicle or pedestrian enters the warning area, a high-frequency alarm is issued, and the closer it is, the more urgent it is.

Speed limit area: When the vehicle or pedestrian enters the speed limit area, the forklift automatically limits the speed

07 forklift lights

● wide voltage

● high brightness

● High and low temperature resistance

● Waterproof and rustproof

● Reverse protection

● Rugged and durable

● Easy to install


Forklift seat belt alarm
Forklift seat belt alarm

Equipped with seat belt

continuous alarm if driver have not fasten seat belt

Forklift overs peed alarm
Forklift overs peed alarm

Wide voltage | Industrial design | Site management

Overspeed alarm | Overspeed lock | IP67 waterproof

Speed real time display

Forklift overweight alarm
Forklift overweight alarm

Wide voltage operation | real-time weight display | overweight alarm

Overweight lock

Forklift over height alarm
Forklift over height alarm

Wide voltage | real-time height display | limit maximum height

Roof collision avoidance | over height alarm | over height lock forklift

Forklift proximity warning system
Forklift proximity warning system

360 degree detection | Avoid collision between pedestrian and forklift | Site management

Safeguard factory and forklift safety

Reduce the incidence of accidents caused by visual blind spots

Forklift light
Forklift light

Wide voltage | high brightness | long life