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Waytronic security

If your first feeling about Waytronic security is a company which focus on safety,

That's right,

“Waytronic Security is a company which focuses on the plant area, environmental safety and prevention”

We don't know how long our company can go ,but we will do our best to focus on safety and design better product

we believe:

Success must be reserved for those who can keep their dreams for decades.

——To every member of waytronic who fight for the dream


Perhaps it is a destined fate. Since the birth of Lee,

Lee has been named after Baoping.

Chinese meaning guard safe .

When Lee was young, he found the work condition of vehicles such as forklifts excavator and other heavy duty vehicles is so unsafe and bad

He often discussed with frontline security management staff,

Deeply aware of the importance of safety protection to employees and businesses,

Therefore, he determined to invest himself in the "environmental safety of the plant" as the direction, comprehensive technical precipitation for many years,

Dedicated to the security of the factory area.

02 Set Sail And Layout

In 2003,we developed forklift over speed alarm according P&G requirements From then on ,Waytronic entering the "forklift safety" industry. Mr. Lee combines years of research and development experience.With the spirit of artisans and the pursuit of professionalism in the industry, we continue to develop better products Launched such as forklift fleet management system, forklift proximity warning system, forklift speed limit, weight limit ,blue light, audible and visual alarm etc series of products


In 2017, we accelerate to develop of cloud systems, through the combination of hardware and cloud service systems, Supply better solution for smart factories and lean production, Provides strong data support for managing security risks and other issues.

Cultural concept
Waytronic Slogan

To be the patron saint of plant safety

Waytronic Mission

Provide smarter security products to make the factory environment safer

Waytronic Vision

Become the most influential company in the industrial security industry

Value creation

Create and share together, create maximum value for customers, and achieve employee dreams

Waytronic ·Values
Create maximum value for customers and achieve the greatest dreams of employees
Create and share
Create together

- For employees

Be loyal to yourself, be loyal to your work, and be loyal to your company and develop together with the company.

- For business

Loyal to the mission and social responsibility of the company, loyal to the commitment to employees and society

Share together

Provide opportunities of grow and learn to employees Provide employees with generous salary and benefits, A platform for providing employees with personal value.