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Forklift anti-collision warning system anti-collision between forklift and people

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Waytronic's forklift anti-collision warning system based on UWB positioning technology mainly solves one problem: anti-collision between forklift and people, anti-collision between forklift and forklift. This mode is mainly used in factory / warehouse collision avoidance, mutual distance measurement between forklifts and people, mutual distance measurement between forklifts and forklifts, avoiding collisions between them, reducing human accidents, and ensuring the safety of people and property .

forklift anti-collision warning system

Method to realize:

Waytronic's forklift anti-collision system using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. By installing the Waytronic safe UWB ranging module on the forklift, personnel wear UWB tags to complete the tag and module ranging. The module outputs a control signal to the relay after ranging from the tag, and then controls the alarm and forklift power supply.

forklift anti-collision warning system Features

Wide voltage power supply (DC12-30V);

Support wireless infrared remote control function setting;

Adopt wireless sensor speed measurement technology to detect the speed of motor vehicles in real time;

With overspeed audible and visual alarms, it supports electronic throttle and mechanical throttle speed limit control;

UWB wireless ranging technology, used with UWB tags to prevent collisions with people;

Built-in three kinds of distance control for collision prevention, distance in prompt area, distance in early warning area, distance in braking area;

Multiple speed limit modes coexist, ordinary overspeed alarm speed limit, speed limit in prompt area and early warning area, braking in braking area, etc .;

forklift anti-collision warning system

Support vehicle swipe card start up function;

External 8Ω / 3W and compatible with 8Ω / 10W speakers;

Logic description control logic:

1. UWB ranging module and UWB tag ranging, by setting the module's Distance1, Distance

2.UWB ranging module can also set the output of each relay

3. forklift anti-collision warning system Advantages of the solution • Simple configuration, plug and play, no complicated control process is required. The UWB ranging module has a built-in relay, which can control the power of the alarm device through the relay. The customer can configure the relay to start or not as required. At the same time, this system does not need to do network construction and can complete rapid deployment. Accurate ranging with UWB, ranging between cars and people. Ranging accuracy is up to 10 cm.

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