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How to prevent forklift collision warning system

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According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration's OSHA statistics in 2013, 85 people were killed in forklift accidents in North America, 34,900 were seriously injured as a result of forklift accidents, and 6,1800 were slightly injured as a result of forklift accidents.

forklift collision avoidance warning

Under the OSHA high-pressure inspection in the United States, a large number of forklift safety accidents still occur in the United States. In China, for 1.9 million to 2.1 million forklift trucks, there are a large number of vicious accidents every day due to blind spots, fatigue, over speed, steering, bumps, collisions, rolling, and collisions. Caused serious consequences such as production line shutdown, massive compensation, and accountability by leaders.

forklift collision avoidance warning

How does the forklift collision avoidance warning locate the forklift safety?

Waytronic Safety Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on forklift safety, forklift management, 20 years. With the continuous improvement of people's safety awareness, and the development of technology and the needs of safety management, our company has continuously improved its technology through technological innovation and launched the forklift collision avoidance warning system SF-112. Speed control methods are mainly divided into electronic throttle control and mechanical throttle control. The main function is that when the host control unit detects that the running speed of the motor vehicle reaches a preset speed, it immediately issues an audible and visual alarm, and controls the vehicle speed through a speed limit device, thereby achieving the purpose of limiting the vehicle speed. When pedestrians wear anti-collision labels, they can also remind pedestrians to reduce the speed of vehicles and further avoid pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents.

forklift collision avoidance warning

Focusing on R & D personnel / forklift collision avoidance warning solution providers, using forklift collision avoidance warning system expertise, by fixing forklift collision avoidance warning hosts on large factory vehicles, real-time monitoring of the relative distance of forklift collision avoidance warning tags within a radius of 100 meters The accuracy reaches 10 cm. According to the distance, judge the degree of danger, make different levels of sound and light alarms, effectively prevent and prevent high-risk accidents such as vehicle collision and crushing employees.

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