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collision accidents occur every year, forward collision warning system

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Forklifts are mentioned daily, and collision accidents occur every year!

Every day in the factory area, there are a large number of accidents such as blockages, collisions, rolling, and collisions due to blocked vision, blind spots, and other serious consequences such as production line shutdowns, massive compensation, and accountability by leaders.

forklift anti-collision warning system

What should be paid attention to when the forklift is driving:

1. When the forklift is in operation, the forklift is not allowed to overtake, but when it exceeds the parked vehicle or passes through the cargo storage area, it should be slowed down. Use an audible and visual alarm to issue an alarm signal and pay attention to observation.

2. Do not lift the fork too high when the forklift is driving. When entering or leaving the operation site or on the road, pay attention to whether there is any obstacle scratching. When the load is moving, the fork is not allowed to rise too high, which affects the stability of the forklift.

3. When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, the driving signal should be issued first. High-speed sharp turns are prohibited. High-speed sharp turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tip over. If the line of sight is blocked and pedestrians or vehicles in the surrounding area cannot be seen, a forklift anti-collision warning system should be installed to intelligently detect the pedestrians or vehicles in the surrounding area and issue an alarm signal.

forklift anti-collision warning system

4. When the forklift is in operation, it must comply with the traffic rules in the plant, and it must maintain a certain safety distance from the vehicle in front, when it passes through the doorway and the intersection of the workshop. It should be done slowly, secondly, and thirdly. With the dual assistance of a forklift anti-collision warning system, a forklift safety accident is prevented.

5. The height of the forklift load must not obstruct the driver's line of sight. When special circumstances affect the forward sight, use a forklift anti-collision warning system to detect pedestrians or vehicles around it, and issue an alarm signal to remind surrounding pedestrians or vehicles to pay attention to safety.

forklift anti-collision warning system

6. The safe driving speed of the forklift factory area is 5 km / h. When entering the production workshop area, it must be driven at low speed and safely. The forklift anti-collision warning system comes with a speed measurement function to detect the vehicle running speed in real time. When the forklift is over speed, it will send an alarm signal.

forklift anti-collision warning system

The forward collision warning system protects the safety of the factory area. Using wireless pulse technology, the micro-base station is fixed on the forklift to monitor the relative distance of the micro-tags within 100m in real time with an accuracy of 10 cm. According to the distance, judge the degree of danger, make different levels of sound and light alarms, effectively prevent and eliminate high-risk accidents such as forklift collision and crushing employees.

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