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Speed warning device forklift proximity warning devices

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For factories with many people, many forklifts, many shelves, and many blind spots, it is especially important to ensure the safety of personnel, vehicles, and property. Because the forklift is a large-scale heavy-duty transportation machinery in the warehouse, many shelves will cause the goods to obscure the driver's line of sight, so that the forklift driver can only drive backward. At this time, if someone appears behind, a safety accident is extremely likely to occur. In the factory area, it is not uncommon for people to collide with goods, and the factory's anti-collision work is imperative.

forklift proximity warning devices

So how to do effective collision avoidance? Selecting anti-collision products is an effective way to solve the anti-collision problem in the factory area.

Waytronic's forklift anti-collision warning system is suitable for anti-collision in corners of factories and anti-collision in corners. It realizes anti-collision warning between forklifts and forklifts, forklifts and people, forklifts and objects, which can effectively reduce vehicle accidents, reduce casualties and avoid goods Damaged.


Unique identification: each forklift is equipped with a base station \ employees wear a tag, the entire network unique ID identification;

Accurate measurement: The base station on the forklift can measure the precise distance of the tag within a radius of 100m in real time, and the distance measurement accuracy is 10cm;

Full network coverage: In the same area, complete coverage of alarms between forklifts and personnel, forklifts and forklifts, etc .;

forklift proximity warning devices

Danger alert: Once the person approaches the danger area, the sound and light alarm on the forklift will give an alarm (gradual change);

Three level collision area:

First-level early warning area, when vehicles or pedestrians enter the early warning area, sound and light alerts are issued;

Secondary collision area, when a vehicle or pedestrian enters the collision area, a high-frequency alarm is issued, and the closer the frequency is, the faster the frequency will be;

In the three-level speed limit area, when a vehicle or a pedestrian enters the speed limit area, the forklift automatically limits the speed.

The Waytronic safety forklift proximity warning devices, through the mutual induction between the host and the tag, centimeter-level ranging accuracy, 360-degree safety protection, can effectively prevent the occurrence of plant safety accidents.

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