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Intelligence-Forklift fleet management system

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Regardless of your fleet size, fleet management can be a tedious, expensive, and time-consuming activity. The truth is that tracking all vehicle management tasks is not easy, such as vehicle rights management, fleet efficiency, tracking, driver management and operating costs. Even if you manage only three cars, recording and managing all relevant data can be cumbersome.

Forklift fleet management system

If you manage multiple company vehicles, things can quickly get out of hand. In addition, letting employees control expensive assets such as company vehicles is a big risk. No matter how much you trust the driver, it can cause stress. That's why you need a fleet management system to manage your company's vehicles. The forklift fleet management system performs a variety of tasks on all of its vehicles to increase efficiency, control costs, track vehicles, manage drivers and improve business operations.

Forklift fleet management system, based on the superior software platform and hardware data collector, realizes a lean link between the manager and the fleet, improves the efficiency of the forklift fleet, and provides a detailed basis for the improvement of storage efficiency, safety protection and cost savings Accurate guidelines.

The fleet data contains a large amount of vehicle status and operational efficiency data. By relinking, you can get this data in the office and keep up-to-date on the operation of the forklift.

Forklift fleet management system

Key benefits:

Increase vehicle utilization

Cost savings

Systematic performance appraisal template and report

Improve work efficiency

Through the fleet management system, you can fully tap the potential of the fleet. Through different sensors and different software modules, the fleet management system will deliver you rich lean solutions.

Transparent fleet management: comprehensive fleet information acquisition, including vehicle and driver information

Operational safety guarantee: including vehicle operation and supervision to reduce accidents

Increased fleet utilization: including optimization of vehicles, maintenance and reduction of downtime

More cost-saving: including optimization of operation efficiency and reduction of costs

fleet management system

The fleet management system software platform provides convenient function modules, which can manage vehicles, drivers and the entire fleet with the click of a mouse. The data uploaded through the data collector is standardized and processed to provide valuable lean guidance.

Forklift fleet management system

Display the organizational structure of a single department or the entire company

Assign drivers and vehicles at the level of one or more organizations

Manage the power-on authority according to the type of vehicle and driving license

Reasonably plan and monitor vehicle maintenance

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