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Ranging collision avoidance warning system

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The distance detection anti-collision warning system is mainly used to prevent safety accidents such as forklift collision with people, vehicles and objects. It helps the driver like an eye, continuously detecting whether there are people or vehicles passing around the vehicle. The system uses UWB wireless ranging technology, which can prevent collisions with UWB tags; and help with different sounds and visual reminders. The driver avoids or slows down the collision.

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Forklift anti-collision warning system: When the distance between the forklift and the person, the car and the object is less than the set safety distance, the system can automatically alarm and take braking measures. Each forklift is equipped with an anti-collision host. The employee wears an anti-collision label. The driver and other employee IDs are different. The driver is in addition to driving the vehicle he is driving, and other vehicles are anti-collision warning, and the employee identification and all collision avoidance engines are anti-collision alarms.

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Accurate ranging: UWB wireless ranging technology is used, and people wear anti-collision labels. It helps the driver like an eye, continuously detecting the position of people and vehicles around, with high accuracy of ≤10cm, measuring the safety distance between the tag and the host, and sound and light alarm when dangerous. If the set collision distance is 5 meters and the prevention distance is 2 meters, the alarm will be triggered when entering 7 meters, and the speed limit will be entered when entering 5 meters. (The collision distance can be set by the remote controller.)

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Sound and light alarm: When the system detects that the label distance is less than the safety distance, the alarm system alarms in the form of sound and light and voice to remind the driver and pedestrians to pay attention to safety.

Automatic braking: According to the anti-collision distance and preventive distance set by the remote control, the alarm and speed limit are used. When the safety distance between the forklift and the person exceeds the set distance, the brake system actively avoids the accident by means of deceleration or emergency braking. happened.

Reversing anti-collision: When the vehicle is close to the obstacle, and the driver does not take effective braking measures, the collision anti-collision warning system can actively brake the vehicle before the accident occurs, so as to avoid The accident occurred.

The forklift Anti-collision Warning System has powerful functions, stable performance, accurate ranging, convenient installation and reasonable price, and has unparalleled advantages. It can run stably all day long and for a long time. In rainy days, the outdoor can also run stably, which improves the safety of the forklift driving to a certain extent, thus ensuring personal safety.

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