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Construction vehicle/personnel proximity warning system

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According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA's 2015 statistics, 85 people in North America lost their lives due to forklift accidents, 48,900 people were seriously injured by forklift accidents, and 8,800 people were slightly injured by forklift accidents. Under the OSHA high-pressure inspection in the United States, there are still a large number of forklift safety accidents in the United States. In China, for 2.9 million to 3.5 million forklift trucks, there are a large number of vicious accidents such as blind spots, fatigue, overspeed, and steering caused by collisions, collisions, crushing, and crashes. It has serious consequences such as production line shutdown, large compensation, and leadership accountability.

forklift anti-collision warning system

The distance measuring proximity warning system can be applied to the designated personnel of the forklift in the factory to sense the alarm. When the person wearing the distance measuring label P-Tag is close to a certain range of dangerous goods, the ranging anti-collision warning system emits an audible and visual alarm. , prompt the operator to be close, please stay away or stop the operation. The distance measurement anti-collision warning system has been applied to the forklift truck. As long as the induction alarm is mounted on the forklift, the dangerous distance range is set, and the factory personnel who enter the working area of the forklift wear the distance measuring label P-Tag. When approaching the dangerous range, the range collision anti-collision warning system on the forklift is activated to sound and light warning, prompting the forklift driver to slow down, and prompting the approaching personnel to get away from the danger zone as soon as possible.

forklift anti-collision warning system

The distance measurement forklift anti-collision warning system can also be applied to other dangerous work areas, especially on the construction site with large machine operation. The distance measuring label P-Tag can be placed on the hat worn by the worker.

forklift anti-collision warning system

When entering the construction site, the helmet must be worn when the personnel are close. When large, dangerous, working machinery or work vehicles, sound and light warnings to ensure the safety of personnel during the operation.

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