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Best choice Waytronic Safety Forklift Collision Warning System

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Forklift truck, as the company's porter, will create value for the company, but it will also bring threats to life and property for the company, especially the accident of a forklift hitting a person. After the forklift entered the industrial era, the forklift repeatedly hit people and the forklift was crushed For other vicious accidents, the measures for the safety of forklifts have also been continuously updated. From the warning signs at the beginning to the current anti-collision warning system of forklifts, the collision prevention of forklifts has been prevented.

forklift collision warning system

Waytronic Safety Editor will lead you to review, in order to safely prevent forklift proximity warning system, what do you do in recent years

1: Slogan warning:In the factory, visual signs such as corners, cross roads and other blind spots are slogans such as forklifts moving slowly

2: protective fence:Enclose the shelf with a fence

3: Forklift speed limit:Control the speed of the forklift and set a travel speed of 5KM / H

4: Forklift collision warning system:The forklift and the person make an induction alarm. When a person approaches the forklift, the forklift alarms to remind the driver to pay attention to pedestrians.

forklift collision warning system

5: parking sensor:A back-up radar is installed at the rear of the forklift. When the fork-lift is backing up, it will approach the obstacle detection alarm.

6: Driving reminder:When the forklift is running, the audible and visual alarm reminds, "Forklift, please pay attention"

7: Visual collision avoidance:The spotlight is installed on the forklift, and the light can be cast 3 meters away from the forklift to visually remind pedestrians.

Forklift installation area lights, the light can circle the entire forklift, and play a radiant all-round effect

8: image:Install a video system on the forklift, and the real-time dynamics of the forklift can be viewed through the camera

Each of the above solutions is aimed at different periods, different forklifts, different applications, and specific forklift collision prevention should consider the current environment to choose the most suitable forklift collision warning system.

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