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How much is the forklift speed limit in the factory?

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According to relevant regulations, the main road in the forklift factory is 20km / h, the branch road is 10km / h, the hazardous chemical warehouse and production workshop road is 5km / h, and the indoor speed limit is 5km / h. The speed of forklifts for carrying goods must not exceed 5km / h, and the speed of intersections, workshop entrances, warehouse entrances, and sharp turns must not exceed 5km / h.


The importance of plant safety

Most factories have complex operating environments, intensive personnel, mixed man-vehicle operations, and high mobility. Forklift safety is a topic that every enterprise attaches great importance to.

A small story happened in one of the companies. The boss inspected the production workshop in the factory that day. Suddenly a forklift rushed past the boss. The boss escaped in time and did not rub it in. Although the factory area has clear requirements for the speed of the forklift truck, the safe speed of the forklift factory area is 5Km / h, and the vehicle must enter the production workshop area at a low speed and safely. Slow down and honk at intersections or other invisible visual blind spots. When driving on a wet or uneven ground and turning, you should slow down in advance; avoid sharp turns. After this incident, their analysis of safety accidents in the factory area found that the company's forklifts were moving at a faster speed when they were in the factory, and there were a lot of safety incidents due to the fast speed.


Forklift accident location statistics


It can be seen from the above statistics that the proportion of forklift safety accidents in the factory area is very large.


Forklift Safety Accident Type Statistics


From the above statistics, we can see that forklifts overturned at over speed accounted for 42%, how huge this data is.


Factory Forklift Speed limiter management 

Enterprises have formulated special rules and regulations for forklift speeding. At the same time, they have limited the speed of forklifts in the factory area. In order to prevent employees from being lucky, they simply installed speed limit equipment for all forklifts in the factory area-forklift speed limit. Device. Through the two-pronged role of regulations and forklift speed limiters, the occurrence of forklift accidents in the factory area is effectively reduced, and various speeding accidents caused by the subjective factors of forklift drivers are completely stopped.


Forklift speed limiter

The forklift is equipped with a forklift speed limiter. If the forklift driver wants to drive at an excessive speed, it will not work as expected. For example: the factory area requires a speed limit of 5Km / h. Then set the speed on the forklift speed limiter host: 5Km / h. When the speed is 5Km / h, the system sends out an alarm signal to remind the forklift driver that the speed has been exceeded. The system will automatically reduce the speed to control the speed within 5Km / h. If the forklift driver has speeding behaviors five or five times, it can be set on the system. When the forklift is always speeding, the forklift is locked and cannot be started until the administrator uses the remote control to unlock it!

When the forklift is driving, there will be voice prompts for pedestrians around: forklift, please pay attention! Remind pedestrians to avoid forklifts.

When the forklift is reversing, there will also be voice and light prompts: Reverse, please pay attention!


In terms of plant safety, the speed limit of forklifts in the plant area is an inevitable link. Whether the company formulates factory regulations, speed limit systems, or installs [forklift speed limiters] on forklifts, it is to prevent safety accidents caused by forklifts over speed alarm, and preventing forklifts over speed alarm behavior is very important to plant safety.

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