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Forklift speed limit alarm - application scenario

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The forklift speed limit alarm is a safety protection component in the safety protection of forklift operations. When the forklift is in operation, the forklift speed limiter alarm and the sound and light alarm are interlocked for any reason, so the speed and sound and light reminder: speeding, please pay attention. Continue to overspeed, exceed the setting to lock the vehicle range, lock the vehicle, in the case that all rules and regulations do not work, the forklift speed limit alarm effectively stops the forklift from overspeed, does not regulate the driving forklift.

Forklift speed limit alarm

It monitors the speed of the forklift at any time. When the overspeed condition occurs, that is, when the speed of the forklift exceeds the set first speed of 6Km/h, the sound and light signal is emitted in time, and the speed of the forklift exceeds the set secondary speed of 8Km/h. Timely sound and light signals and warning sounds are reminded. When the speed of the forklift exceeds the set three-speed speed of 12Km/h, the sound and light signals and live voice warnings are issued in time: speeding, please note! The forklift continues to exceed the set three-speed, and then mechanical action cuts off the power supply circuit to brake the traction machine. Thereby avoiding casualties and other safety incidents.

Forklift speed limit alarm

Forklift accident high incidence scene: 

1. Corner: The forklift passes through the corner. There is a blind spot. The dynamics at the corner are not visible. If the forklift is speeding, the accident occurs frequently. If the driver can't see the road ahead or can't be sure if there is any person at the corner, you can manually press the voice reminder button to play the "Forklift passes the safety, please remind the close people to quickly avoid;" 

2, crossroads: personnel, vehicles intensive, strong mobility. 

3, the warehouse entrance and exit: factory storage is a mixed work environment that integrates personnel exchanges, forklift transportation, and logistics vehicles.

Forklift speed limit alarm

The speeding of forklift trucks is very likely to cause safety hazards such as casualties and forklift collisions, which threatens the safety of the workers in the plant. The forklift speed limit alarm of the forklift forcibly limits the speed of the vehicle. Even if the driver wants to increase the speed, it will not be able to improve the safety of people, vehicles and objects.

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